Google’s infringement against Oracle: 9 lines of code!

In the copyright portion of the Oracle v. Google case currently going on, the jury found that Google had infringed on 9 lines of code out of millions which are in question. As best as I can determine, these are those 9 lines:

private static void rangeCheck(int arrayLen, int fromIndex, int toIndex) {
    if (fromIndex > toIndex)
        throw new IllegalArgumentException("fromIndex(" + fromIndex +
                   ") > toIndex(" + toIndex+")");
    if (fromIndex < 0)
        throw new ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException(fromIndex);
    if (toIndex > arrayLen)
        throw new ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException(toIndex);

The jury couldn’t agree o whether or not the infringement was big enough to justify damages be paid to Oracle.

2 Responses to “Google’s infringement against Oracle: 9 lines of code!”

  1. Josh Einstin says:

    Oh my God I hope this is a joke.

  2. Andy says:

    Absolutely rediculous

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